Cookie Policy

What Cookies Are

Cookies are files, which are stored on your devices with the Internet connection. Whenever you use your internet browser, they keep certain data concerning your activity on the worldwide network.

Cookies allow us to enhance our website according to your needs. They help boost the quality of your experience, for instance, allow you to be in the system as long as you may need or make the navigation more easy-to-use.

You alone choose what to do with cookies. In case you don’t want us to use your cookies, send them or collect - you're able to change or erase them. But, with cookies being disabled, the correct work of all features can't be 100% guaranteed.

Which are the types of cookies used?

Session and persistent cookies are those we make use of. The session type represents short-term cookies; they are created and exist only when your web browser is active. Among the uses they have is to monitor your prior activities on the site (like making an order for the first time). Permanent cookies are stored much longer and are not erased even after you exit the internet browser.

What We Can do With Cookies

The site’s order form functionality depends on cookies. Getting our assistance might turn into a problem in case you disable them. Cookies also enable next features:

  • tracking the order progress
  • maintaining you logged in
  • getting the data on the rate of using our program for plagiarism checking
  • assisting every client via our online chat
  • tracking client’s activity working with Google Analytics

Regarding cookies handling

If you happen to turn the cookies off, we can’t guarantee that the website will work adequately and there's a fairly good chance that the browsing experience won’t be entirely satisfying. Nonetheless, in case you still want to disable or delete them, you'll be able to do it via your browser options. You should locate the help section in your browser menu which can give you all the procedures you have to do.

Would you cooperate with any third parties?

Cookies are utilized when customers purchase our services. So, private data is not sent to anyone that doesn't take part in the ordering process (pacing, writing, delivering etc.).