How should I do my essay, if I don't even understand what I suppose to write about?

One of the most common problems that students face while studying at school is a complexity of understanding the purpose of the essay. There are four main types of essay, that can be given to you as a home assignment. And in case if you are thinking How exactly do I have to do my essay? our essay writing service gladly suggests you consult these types to understand, which one you are going to work with.

  • Narrative Essay
  • Descriptive Essay
  • Expository Essay
  • Persuasive Essay

You could say that narrative type of essay looks like a story-telling because in this kind of essay your paramount aim is to write about your life and your own experience. You can describe some event from your life, which made you think over some important questions or draw some interesting conclusions. Here you have to write an essay so that reader could feel all the atmosphere and your intentions to understand the main idea.

In a descriptive essay, the primary purpose is understandable from its name: you have to describe something. This type of essay should reflect your idea through colorful and memorable images and descriptions. Also, you have to think about readers emotions and feelings you want to awaken. You can use anything for the description. It could be an object, person, nature, even a character or a memory.

While writing an expository essay, your task is clear and specific you have to analyze the topic, and your analysis should be based on relevant information, facts, and strong examples. The main feature of such essay is the absence of description of your feelings because you use only facts.

Speaking about the persuasive type, your number-one aim is to get essay that would convince anyone who will read it in the accuracy of your own thoughts. This essay should be written using logical thinking, persuasion and considerable arguments. So, as you have probably noticed, every one of these four types has its unique features and requirements that should be met while writing an essay.

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