Money-back guarantee

Our academic writing company values its customers, and we do our best to satisfy all their expectations. We've always been aware of just how significant it is for customers to know their rights and alternatives given by our service, this is why we wrote this article, that is our money-back guarantee. The realization of reciprocal responsibilities by purchasers and our team definitely helps us to carry on with confidence, assisting you at the highest level.

Being provided with remarkable papers regardless of tight time frames, generally, our clients are absolutely satisfied and do not need this option. With the intention to make all the purchasers pleased, we work tirelessly on every order and provide our customers with a free revision option.

Trying to receive a refund, it's better to make certain that your case matches the description of the situations laid out down below. However, we should emphasize that there's only a number of situations when you will be able to receive the full amount back.

100% refund

  1. Double ordering
    In the event of finding yourself in this type of situation, we advise our customers to get ahold of our consumer support team and inform us as soon as possible. However, in case the writer was found before you contacted our support, you would not receive a full refund; therefore place your order attentively.
  2. Client had cancelled their order before we assigned a suitable writer
    We believe you won't need any detailed explanations here. If we have not assigned an expert by the time you call the order off, you can always get a full refund without any problems.
  3. If our company cannot find a suitable expert
    It's a rare situation, but you should understand that it still could happen in cases when most writers are busy or/and your assignment is fairly complex.
  4. In case you ordered once but paid twice
    We're very thorough with all the orders, but sometimes even this type of mistakes might be inadvertently made. In case you pay twice for one order, make sure you get in touch with the customer support team without delay. Following that, you will need to show us the receipts copies and receive your money back.

Partial refund

The purchaser has a chance to receive a part of their spendings back in the following cases:

  1. Delays in delivery
    Occasionally, as a result of various unforeseeable complications, it is hard to cope with timely order delivery. The good news is, these situations almost never take place. In this instance there are a few factors that influence the sum of the refund, so each case is discussed with the buyer. Although, it occasionally is a result of client's negligence. For instance, a delayed upload of required documents can slow down the writer. It's obvious that in these circumstances a refund would be impossible. So, we advise attaching every single important file just after you filled in the order form.
  2. The work on your assignment has been started, but you wish to call off the order
    Here, you can receive around 70% of the entire sum to cover writer's effort with the rest. But it's reduced to a 50% refund when the time remaining to the deadline is less than half of the total time determined.
  3. Post-submission claim
    Allow us to know your feedback about our work, and we will do our utmost to resolve any issues. In case your complaint is found justifiable enough, you'll be offered a refund. Despite the fact that usually our clients’ requirements are met, and they are fine with the works written by our specialists, we are ready to hear all the feedback on our service to make it even better.
  4. Plagiarism in your work?
    It is possible to notify us about any data in your work, which have been used without proper referencing. It'd help us improve the originality of our papers, and you, in return, would receive a partial refund or revision option.

No refund

  1. You got a mark which does not match your expectations
    We do our utmost to provide our customers only with top-quality papers, but, unfortunately, those can’t always ensure the best mark, because it quite often depends on your teacher’s or professor’s evaluation and your own expertise on the subject (e.g. when you must defend it).
  2. Choosing "polishing services" (proofreading, editing, formatting)
    If you request our team to format, edit or proofread your own work, its content material will be kept untouched While working with such tasks, we only polish the form of the paper prepared by you and will not alter its content.

Money-back process

When we confirm that your request for a refund is justifiable, it'll take no longer than five workdays for your money to be paid off. Please, take into account that we cannot be held responsible for any potential difficulties related to any third-party organizations managing your money transferring.

Be sure that the sum of your refund is larger than 10 USD; otherwise, you just cannot receive your money back due to the transaction charges. In other cases, we can offer you to keep the refund money on your personal account so that you can use it for potential orders.