You might want to read through this section to know more about the way we process the customer's private info.

Browser Cookies

We gather internet cookies, that is, data files kept on your computer anytime you browse the Web, for marketing purposes to analyze this information using Google Analytics. They enable us to collect information about visitor's browsing activity. These files don't include any private data. We give that information to Google and receive analytical results in the form of activity reports.

Personal information

Ordering entails sharing certain payment and contact info without which we cannot process the payment. Absolute privacy of your information is guaranteed. Our company uses it only for purposes related to the ordering process. The way we apply provided private details never presupposes sharing it with any other companies for commercial purposes or promotional offers. The only acceptable way it is used is to notify our purchasers of any order-associated matters or changes. There's a number of urgent situations which might require us to call the clients. But, those are rare instances if there is a need for more clarifications or some files are corrupted, and so forth.

Info about visitors

Entering a web-site involves sharing particular details like the version of your OS or your browser. We utilize that information to enhance the web-site’s user-friendliness and understand your needs better, but we by no means give it to any other companies.

External Web-sites Links

Visiting links to other resources found on our site lies outside of our company’s responsibilities. Therefore, exercise discretion when following them. We update the online privacy policy regularly to be sure it meets the needs of the user. Check up on this policy section from time to time in order to be aware of any adjustments.