What Is Scholarly Research and How to Prepare It Well

If you have ever written scholarly research, you definitely know how challenging and responsible the task is. Practically, it determines whether you get the scholarship or not. But if this is your first effort, you might be quite confused and worried.

What is scholarly research and how to write it? What are the standard requirements for preparing it? Are there any specific tips to make the process easier and to provide more chances of being selected? Yep, any scholarly research paper is a serious thing and needs many efforts.

Scholarly Research Definition and Purposes

So, if you need a more exact scholarly research definition, then, it can be defined as a review of that research literature in the scientific field, in which you are interested. This format might be strange, but if you think more deeply, you will understand, that it has very particular purposes.

The main task of this kind of paper is different from the tasks that any other paper might have. No, it doesn’t test your writing skills or the ability to express your thoughts. It is not aimed at the testing of your ability to make smooth transitions from one paragraph to another.

You are applying for a scholarship, and no scholarship is granted just for anything. This kind of paper is used to show, that you are able to define your future research field and the sources that you could use for your research. Or, in short, it shows if you are ready for in-depth scientific analysis in the given field.

You might be wondering why to use scholarly sources for research. Well, the internet and in some cases even some reputable journals have so much unverified, pseudo-scientific information, that it is simply dangerous to use all that you like. And the most reliable sources are scholarly sources, of course.

How to Write a Scholarly Research Paper: Detailed Instructions

Well, it is better to start with a topic selection. The topic shall be limited by a particular scientific area. Otherwise, you will be loaded with sources and materials. Moreover, if we speak about your readiness for scientific research, it means, that the topic is already very specific.

You should take the main information only from the original literature in the field. Use research journals, online publications of relevant authors, review articles, and so on. Whatever you find and whatever is reliable enough should be used.

Then, write your story. Yes, that’s right: the paper of such kind is a story, but a story practically loaded by facts, terms, concepts, numbers. That is a very precisely written story, that doesn’t allow lyrical deviations. It is not difficult to write it, just follow some rules:

  • Use only the active voice, whenever it is possible;
  • Don’t write words that aren’t needed there;
  • Use the positive form of sentences;
  • The main ideas should be given at the start of a paragraph;
  • Emphatic words should be placed at the end of a sentence;
  • The formal writing style should be used.

Start your review with a short introduction, then, mention the sources, with the indication of the author`s name, the publishing house, the publication year, an edition. Indicate there all available information about the source. And, finally, explain, why the references are relevant.

How to do scholarly research correctly and which sources should be selected? Well, first of all, you should distinguish very clearly the research from the writing process. Your research will depend on your supervisor and your wish and abilities to work on that. However, your writing process will depend on you only.

Make sure you write down each idea that you find essential. Later, you will shape it in a proper form, but for now, just make sure the idea is clear and written down. Then, write down another idea. And like this, you continue, till you have your notes for the entire story. We can say, that those ideas form the frame of your paper.

After the frame is ready, move to the story itself. Write the Abstract, a summary of the story. Just 6-7 sentences are enough to make the topic clear. Create a Title. And then, write your story. Proofread it, when it is ready.

Scholarly Research Topics: Suggestions for an “A” Paper

You can generate practically any topic for your scholarly research. However, you should make sure that it is specific enough to allow the investigation. As well, if it is too narrow, you will have nothing to work with. So, the correct balance is important. And some examples of scholarly research topics are available here:

  1. Excessive slideshow numbers increase apathy in students.
  2. Specific features of the psychological development of a modern child.
  3. Autism gene and its influence on a child`s behavior.
  4. Terrorism and its development in the modern time.
  5. Cryptocurrency and proof-of-work: how it works.
  6. Canteens at schools and the obesity problem.
  7. How to eliminate the high school impact on university attendance.
  8. Early care and mental development are connected.
  9. Transition to the teenager age.
  10. Transition to adulthood: the family role.
  11. Children development in problematic families.
  12. Early development and success at school.
  13. Early socialization and its role in a child`s development.
  14. Bilingualism and its role in a child`s development.

Inherited psychological disorders and their influence on a child`s learning abilities.

Writing a scholarly research paper isn’t as complicated as you might think. To do that properly, you just need to have a clear idea about the topic and either check some paper samples or follow the guidelines given here.